Pupils can win chance to meet cycling hero, Stephen Roche

Pupils are being offered the chance to meet legendary cyclist Stephen Roche as ireland prepares to host the start of the Giro d’italia race.

The Irish News is giving one school the opportunity to win a special visit from the former winner to hear first-hand about all the colour and drama of the massive event.

More than 200 of the world’s top cyclists will be flying into Northern Ireland in May for the opening stages of this year’s Giro d’italia (Tour of Italy), which commands a global television audience of more than a half a billion people. Continue reading


New Yorkers Launch City’s First Pro Cycling Team

Bicycle racing has been part of New York City’s sports landscape since the 1890s, when cyclists first zipped around the velodrome inside Madison Square Garden. It was one of the nation’s most popular sports, and the Garden, back when it was actually on Madison Square, was its favored home. But in the decades that followed, as basketball became the Garden’s favorite sport, cycling evolved into a local activity for weekend warriors and intrepid messengers.

In fact, New York had never produced a professional cycling team until this year, when the sport’s governing body, the Union Cycliste International, issued a professional racing license for 2014 to a Manhattan-based squad called Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes. Continue reading

Ten Ways to Make Your Cycle Commute Easier

If you’ve started travelling to work by bike, congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the best ways of making the daily trip to work more pleasurable, healthy and economical. Some bicycle commuters get put off early on and go back to other forms of transport, as they make some basic mistakes about what, how, and where to ride.

The good news is that are a few things you can do to make the journey easier. Continue reading

Where Can You Park Your Bike?

If everyone is being encouraged to ditch the car for a more environmentally friendly method of transport such as cycling, this means that there needs to be places available to park your bike. As a business or an organisation this is something that you need to be investing in for your employees.

What factors need to be considered for cycle parking?

  • It needs to be secure, so that bicycles are not stolen or damaged
  • Visible, convenient and accessible, therefore it is a good idea to have it close to the facilities
  • Cater for bikes of different sizes
  • Have plenty of room and capacity
  • Easy to keep maintained
  • Different types of cyclists Continue reading

Stephen Roche: Ireland is ready for Giro d’Italia’s grand start

The scenes at a quiet country hotel overlooking Giant’s Causeway earlier this week were not exactly where you would expect the build-up for a great summer of top cycling events in the British Isles to begin.

But as one of Northern Ireland’s best-known locations, the Causeway was where Stephen Roche, as the 1987 winner of the Tour of Italy, was inducted on Tuesday into the race’s Hall of Fame. Roche is just the third rider after Belgian and Italian cycling legends Eddy Merckx and Felice Gimondi to receive the honour. Continue reading

How Do I Know Which Accessories To Buy?

Kicking off your biking adventures does not just start and end with purchasing a ride. You should likewise consider getting yourself the right bike accessories that would suit your needs and individual style. Some are basic biking essentials you cannot go without, others to be considered only if you have the budget and are riding enough to maximize their use.

There are three things to consider – safety, comfort, and common sense. But among these three, safety should be high on your list for considering what gear to purchase. Below is a list of some common accessories for your bike. The need for which depends on the riding you are to do. It’s probably best to start out with the basics and then invest gradually in additional gear as your needs progress. Continue reading

Dublin – 47 New Cycle Routes Proposed

NEARLY 200 transport projects across Dublin, including the development of 47 cycle routes, are getting the green light by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, he said.

These include the completion of the Rosie Hackett Bridge over the Liffey, widening of the narrow busy road outside the Cat & Cage pub on the Drumcondra Road to make room for new bus lanes and the construction of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge at the Dodder Valley in Tallaght.

Funding of €32.5 million has been made available for the various projects that are at various stages of completion. Continue reading

Dublin Cycle Route App

A NEW online planner has been launched to help Dublin’s cyclists find the easiest way to their destination.

The National Transport Authority’s online Cycle Planner covers an area north from Malahide and Swords, south to Bray, and as far west as Lucan and Clonee.

The planner is available as a free smartphone app from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store as well as online at journeyplanner.transportforireland.ie/cp.

Cyclists using the planner can map their journey at home, see how long it will take and even learn how many calories they’re likely to burn on the way. Continue reading

Why We Love Vintage Bikes

I have had something of a soft spot for vintage bicycles ever since I saw a beautiful old sepia photograph of a ‘Penny Farthing’ bicycle. Invented in the mid-late nineteenth century, these vintage bicycles had a giant front wheel with a seat on top and a tiny little wheel behind. They look like something from a surrealist picture, and were named after two coins: the giant British Victorian ‘penny’ and the comparatively tiny little ‘farthing’. I found myself wishing for a time machine so that I could pedal down the elegant streets of nineteenth century Britain on one of these crazy contraptions in a sweeping black skirt, the strings of my bonnet fluttering in the wind.
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Regular Cycle Maintenance

Keeping your bike in tip top condition can go a long way to keeping the pennies in your pocket, as well as making your riding a lot more enjoyable. No one wants to ride around on a bike creaking and cracking and turning heads everywhere you go. Keeping on top of your bike maintenance can take less time than you think if you perform regular checks.

Keeping your bike clean is one of the most important parts of bike maintenance, no one wants to work on a dirty bike, and with bits of dirt/salt left to settle will start to cause corrosion & wear problems so first of all keep you bike clean. Continue reading

2014 Is Shaping Up to Be a Very Innovative Year for Bicyclists

There has never been a better time to ride! The spring of 2013 is packed with new innovations to make bicyclists’ lives easier, and cycling more enjoyable. Motivated by environmental preservation, economic limitations, the need for more user-friendly bike designs and customer goodwill, you might love what’s in store for bicycling this year.

We’ve compiled some of the coolest new innovations for bicyclists, and offer a glimpse of each of them here:

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Choosing The Best Bike For You

Different bikes are designed for different riding conditions. You will find several different styles and designs at any bike shop. Road Bikes are designed for riding on smooth paved paths and roads. Mountain bikes are meant for riding on the trails, from packed dirt or gravel all the way to deep mud. Somewhere in the middle is a hybrid bike, it looks more like a mountain bike with a more upright position but with smoother tires and different gearing than a full mountain bike. A hybrid bike will allow you to ride on some smoother trails without trouble but also go faster than a mountain bike on paved roads. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Start Using a Helmet Camera for Cycling

One gadget quickly rising in popularity amongst cyclists, whether they are serious mountain bikers cycling across the beaten track or a commuter cycling to and from work in the city, is the helmet camera. More and more people are choosing to clip one of these light-weight cameras to their helmets, so have a read of the three top reasons these nifty little cameras are becoming so popular:

Using a Camera for Training

If you are serious about any form of cycling, be it off-road cycling, motorcycling or stunt cycling, you can seriously benefit from having a camera fixed to your helmet. In the same way that tennis players watch videos of their serves again and again to analyse their technique and improve, so can a helmet camera give you a brand new perspective on the way that you cycle. Continue reading